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2019 Golf Outing

There are two things we look forward to every year: the High Country Christmas Party and the Annual Golf Outing. You noticed I wrote “outing” and not “tournament”? I’m afraid golfing prowess is limited in our company, so to be all-inclusive, we have a much more relaxed version of golfing. It is not only great fun but highly entertaining!

High Country Gang on the Course

The day is much anticipated and we depart the office by mid-morning looking like pros in our country club golf shirts. Everyone is assigned a task (the most important being the “Beverage Master”) and after a half-hour of warming up on the driving range, we are ready to tee off. Two teams of “Best Ball” move things along and of course we have Pin Prizes for the usual Longest Drive, etc. We have the most unlikely of winners, which makes for much cheering and celebration!

Beverage Master and Company

A good put!

To keep the time manageable, we only play 9-holes but the outing includes a late lunch with all 6 of us gathered around a table and laughing at ourselves for such a brilliant round of golf! The levity continues, as I have come up with some goofy game that is the vehicle for awarding door prizes. In the end, everyone goes home with evidence of the sun’s rays, some goodies in their back pocket and a refreshed outlook on the work days ahead.


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