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Pumpkin Seeds: A Scary Good Birdie Snack

We are just finishing up “pumpkin season”. This time of year pumpkin spice candles, lattes, pies, etc. are seemingly everywhere you look. We put on a good show but humans are not the only fans of all things pumpkin.

Pumpkin seeds can be a tasty snack for our feathered friends. Whole or hulled, a variety or birds enjoy pumpkin seeds. Our seasonal Halloween pumpkin massacres leave many households swimming in pumpkin seeds. Depending on where you live and with a little effort to dry them out, your left-over seeds can go straight into the bird feeder.

Northern Cardinals and Blue Jays are fans of pumpkin seeds. Some smaller birds are fans of hulled seeds as well. If you are so inclined, you can even offer a nice custom-roasted product for your avian acquaintances. Pumpkin seeds have high nutritional value too. They are a great source of omega-3 fats, zinc and magnesium.

They likely won’t ring your doorbell but maybe next Halloween give the birds a treat as well.


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