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Sunflower Crop Update

Bring on an Indian Summer. Right now old crop black oils are tight. A lot of elevators are sold out and some won’t even offer new crop quite yet. The crush bids in Fargo are paying $1.10/cwt over their Oct/Nov bid to get some product delivered first half September so there is competition for old crop.

New crop sunflower ratings were last pegged at 78 to 88 percent good to excellent, so the yields will be really good as long as we get some nice normal weather for the next month. An early freeze would not be good at all. There is plenty of moisture but it needs to dry up at this point, but it’s raining in South Dakota currently. Some warmer weather would push the crop along nicely, alleviating a lot of potential worry. Crop development is behind the 5 year average, so we need a lot of nice days this fall to catch up.

As always, time will tell and it’s once again the wait and see game. Highs are supposed to get back up into the upper 70’s after 2 or 3 days of rain. A handful of nice warm days and there will be a nice crop of sunflowers this year.


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