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  • Writer's pictureJordan Jolley

Coming to a Polar Vortex Near You

All across the country, folks are bundling up for protection from the extremely cold temperatures this winter; courtesy of some polar vortexes! As with migratory birds, we ourselves may feel like flying south for the winter!

For those of us in the bird feeding industry it is a natural thought to be concerned for our feathered friends. We need not fret too much though, as birds have natural mechanisms for dealing with cold weather.

A bird’s feathers have unique insulating properties. Not only do their feathers hold in the heat, but they can “ruffle themselves up” to create more air space between their feathers. The trapped air acts as another layer of insulation. Additionally, birds add oil to their feathers from their preen glands, adding weatherproofing.

We can help our little buddies emerge healthy from the winter season by providing them with food high in fat and calories. So, let’s pack our feeders with suet, nuts and seeds and help the wild birds “weather” these winter storms!


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