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The Annual Christmas Card Outing

It’s early December, a little snow on the ground, and time to dig into the back of our closets and drag out the western wear….it’s Christmas card photo shoot day!

We meet at “Old Trail Town”, Cody’s own authentic, historic collection of buildings from the late 1800’s; the perfect backdrop for our event. Once on the scene, our photographer “corralled” us into her viewfinder (I think our group would equate to herding cats) and despite the challenges of the wind, we spent a fun hour “going western”. At the end of the afternoon, we laugh at the duplicity of feeling a part of the Wild West, as we pull out our cell phones and check for messages.

This extracurricular activity is all in good fun and meant to convey the joy of the holiday season to all we work with across the miles. Sooooooo…’s another “wrap” and a High Country Christmas Card is coming your way soon!

*Trivia question:

We have a mascot, Pedro, and he’s in one of the pictures. Can you identify what he is?


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