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Winter Bird Feeding Tips and Tricks

There is always the possibility of attracting a very unexpected and exciting feathered friend to your feeder in the winter. But how?

Colorful Wild Birds

We just need to know what’s attractive and important to birds! The four most important things in the winter, are the same as the other 3 seasons: Food, Water, Shelter, and Nesting Sites.

Blue Jay


In the winter, natural food sources can be unpredictable. Insects have died, seed supplies are exhausted, and flowers and fruit are not producing.

Birds visiting our backyards search for seeds higher in calories, fat and oil content to provide energy needed for winter survival. Some nutritious winter foods might include: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Suet, and Millet.


Many birds visit winter bird baths; even species that do not regularly visit bird feeders. Birds need water to stay hydrated, keep their muscle tissues insulated and properly preen. You can place a safe heating element or tennis ball in your bird bath to help keep the water from freezing.

Shelter and Nesting Sites

Position feeders near natural cover where birds can hide if necessary. Provide nesting boxes and bird houses to provide shelter from winter storms and safe roosting sites.

Brighten your dark, cold winter days by attracting cheerful song and color to your backyard!


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