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Managing the Office

A little bit about what I do at High Country Mercantile.

Our intrepid office manager, Vicki Clingman!

As Office Manager I handle the accounting aspects of the business. Month end, year end, quarterlies, you know, all that money stuff, Bla, Bla, Bla. I see that everyone is well caffeinated, we all have comfy office chairs and plenty of supplies, including snacks in the break room.

I find the trading aspect of the business very fascinating. Sometimes I need to ask things like what is the difference between a split and a runner? Keeping up with agriculture and the wildlife market is interesting.

I also get to remind everyone that it’s time to Plank as our health and fitness-conscience boss does like us to take time out every day for movement and planking. ♩ The Plank Police ♩will give you no peace...

Occasional refereeing of rubber band wars is also a requirement of my position. “Fun at work”? You bet!


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