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My First Win

At a very young age I was introduced to motorsports. Over the years I have participated in go-kart, stock car and off-road truck racing. My latest venture has been building and drag racing a 1968 Camaro in the NHRA sanctioned Sportsman Class.

The past three years have been quite a learning curve of overcoming the challenges of the sport. Drag racing is much more than hitting the gas and racing to the finish line. Mental and physical abilities apply just as much, if not more, than the mechanics of the car itself. Controlling the excitement of the situation and perfecting starting line reaction times down to a thousandth of a second are a very important factor.

I have spent so much of my free time trying to perfect my car, so it is not only fast, but very reliable, and consistent. Our closest drag strip is approximately a 250 mile round-trip from home. The never-ending learning process is arduous and can be very frustrating. However, the late nights, and long drives have finally paid off. Yesterday I FINALLY GOT A WIN under my belt going against the reigning Sportsman Class Champion. The “Big Sky Nationals” up in Montana will forever be etched in my memory!


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