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Sunflower Harvest

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

Sunflowers are still slow to come out of the field as farmers continue to run into weather issues. South Dakota is still the furthest behind at only 55% harvested as of November 11th, well behind the 5 year average.

Drying down the seeds that are being harvested is an issue as well as a lot of field tests are still showing 12 to 14% moisture in certain areas.

Now that sunflower seeds have started coming in and bearish news from the USDA regarding soybean carryover stocks, the crushers have lowered their nearby bids. If farmers have on site storage it will bode better for them to sit on it even just a month or two based on the January and February 2019 bids and oil premiums.

Bird food demand continues to be slow for the time being, but it is starting to show signs of life as we get colder weather moving in. If we could see the white stuff start to fly, any jolt to retail sales will hopefully start stoking more interest from the packagers.


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