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Birdie Blog

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Welcome to the Birdie Blog!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Greetings and welcome to the inaugural High Country Blog!

It’s the beginning of a New Crop Season and a perfect time to provide a fresh new look to our website plus launch our “Birdie Blog”! The premise of our monthly blog is to spotlight various interesting topics relevant to the feed industry, as well as provide a little insight into our company.

Everyone pulls their weight at High Country.

Leader of the nut house

You will see different members of our team authoring blogs each month; from seasonal relevance to personal adventures outside of business hours. Working together 5 days a week (sometimes it feels like 24/7), we do try to keep things light in the office! I hope you get a sense of this with our posts.

Please join us as a regular reader and we’ll keep the fun coming your way!




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