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Why We Live in Wyoming

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

With Spring in sight, we begin to dream of warmer temperatures, and the freedom to enjoy the outdoors. This winter, after the snow and several days of below zero temps, I’m ready for summer!

This means getting into the Wyoming mountains for fishing, enjoying the twisty mountain roads on my motorcycle, and enjoying the wildlife. It’s interesting how much time, we in the Rocky Mountains, spend preparing for the short window of summertime sports. The most difficult thing, is fitting it all into such a short period of time.

The rain begins shortly after the snow melts in April. In May and June, it’s very common to run both the heater and air conditioner in the same day. Come July, the hot dry days (at least what we call hot) finally arrive and last through August. It’s through this period, the mountains are dry and warm enough to enjoy the high altitudes, chasing the elusive cutthroat, brookie, and rainbow trout, or relaxing on a leisurely ride after work to the East Gate of Yellowstone Park.

In September cool, breezy days become more common. The temperatures start to drop at night, and before you know it, the leaves are on the ground. From my earlier years in the ski industry, I expect our first snow the first week of October. Then, what we call winter, is roughly 5 months of unpredictable days ranging from mild temperatures to 70MPH winds in town. Before long, the snow is a foot deep, the wind is still blowing, and the frigid temperature is cold enough to keep the dogs with the thickest coats indoors.

I often ask myself WHY DO I live in Wyoming? It’s because each season brings about it’s own beauty. There is nothing like a warm July or August day spent in the mountains with crystal clear streams. Fall brings mountain adventures with the bugling elk and cool weather hikes. Now and then we have a winter day with mild temperatures, perfectly blue skies, and untracked miles of sparkling snowfields. The key to living where the weather isn’t always perfect, has everything to do with finding happiness among the storms. Be it a cold beer and steaks off the grill in January or telling fishing stories of days gone by, we make Wyoming our home. We invite everyone we do business with here at High Country to see what Wyoming has to offer. We might even take you to lunch. We do suggest, however, you pack a warm coat.


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