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In the Hen House

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Meet Honey

I am somewhat of a bird fan myself thanks to my husband, Jim, as he LOVES his chickens.

He introduced me to the fun about 7 1/2 years ago and we then brought home our first chicks from a friend’s ranch. Currently we are proud owners of 7; Ophylia, Chip and Opal 7 years old now and just quit laying eggs this last summer; Spec, Ebony and Honey are 3 years old and still in full production; and then there’s Roy, our only rooster that is also 3.

He’s the Cock of the walk, so he thinks! He’s such a little bantam so his efforts are far from violent, all the gals do is shake him off. Honey is also quite small but he seems to protect her more than anything and they roost side by side every night, it’s interesting that each chicken has their designated spot on the roost.

My chickens have enjoyed High Country treats long before I had the pleasure of working here as Laurie would bring home the discarded samples for them to enjoy. They especially like peanut hearts, oats, millet, meal worms and cut up hot dogs. They can be seen from time to time on our Facebook page making them especially proud! Honey on the other hand likes a nip of PBR when dad pops one open…..hmmm just a nip. During the extreme heat of the summer they cool off with wedges of cold watermelon or a bunt pan frozen with their favorite veggies and berries.

Frozen bundt treat

Owning chickens as pets has truly been a pleasure. They come running when we get home expecting their treats and are a great addition to the landscape. They do however require additional thought to the landscape as they like to dig freshly dug soil and do have favorite veggies and flowers, so the use of large rocks amongst flowers and being able to fence them out of the vegetable garden is a must. Once plants are established they simply hang out and enjoy the protection they provide and an occasional nip of a flower or berry. We are grateful for our “Feathered Friends” and the enjoyment they have brought to our lives!


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